Plant of the Month – August

Do you remember last June when we said that our Dictamnus had failed to come up? Well, she’s back and in flower. She’s looking a little thin and wan, slightly embarrassed even. And well she may as she won’t recognise anyone at the party she’s gate crashed. Where usually she’s rubbing shoulders with alliums, now it’s agapanthus and the agapanthus is, frankly, looking daggers at her. At least the Buddleia crispa behind is sympathetic.

What happened? Who knows. Slugs is the obvious answer but we weren’t inundated with them in the Spring like last year and the dahlias weren’t bothered by them. Lack of heat? Shouldn’t have been a problem. We wait to see what happens next year.

063 064

I wouldn’t usually associate August with roses, even HT’s are looking rather dusty and our Portland and English Roses are sitting this month out before shaking out their skirts for a final gander in September. However, we have one rose that is still flowering as though it were June (or should I say July as that was when the roses started this year). It was given to us 3 years ago by a friend. He saw it on a  volcanic hillside and thought it would be good to try as it would obviously tolerate good drainage and tricky conditions.

Rosa ‘Gina Price’ (maybe, not official yet) is a ground cover rose which means it’s a pain to weed around and rather gets lost in our borders. After 2 moves to find the right place, it has ended up in a large pot and looks perfect there.

So, 1 plant that shouldn’t be an August plant and 1 that is still trying to surprise us in a good way. Usually I hate surprises (Christmas and birthdays are agony for me. Oh the suspense!) but with these 2 I’ll make an exception.

069 068 062


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