May, the beginning of summer

We are back from two weeks in Corfu, where it rained every day and I planted five box dome of Buxus Sempervirens. In the autumn I am going to take out most of my stunted orange trees, After ten years I am going to admit defeat. I think I am too high and the winters too harsh for them. I am planning on taking out some phillyrea in a Suitcase. My favourite is latifolia as it reflects the light. I have two enormous terraces, and the lemon trees were groaning with fruit all the size of a grapefruit, The taste and the smell were exquisite. Polly said her favourite drink was whisky sour.
The tulips were still going strong, and to my chagrin Curly Sue is still in the
Par terre. As Sue Dickinson said, she is very robust. She had repeated very well in my main border. All it means is that I get a lot free this year.
When I got back on the 29th April I did a double take on Pink Diamond but decided it was lovely in the end, and am going to leave it for next year.
This was one of the best Springs we have ever had. The blossom was incredible, especially Malus Transitoria, as last year it did not flower on the lower branches. At the end of the Malus Transitoria avenue we have Camassia quamash Orion, and in front of them we planted pheasant eye narcissus. The wave of scent that greeted you when you walked down there knocked you out. Everything has grown about six inches, amongst them things that did not move last year
There have been two disasters, the Oriental Poppies, and the Asters. The poppies have simply not flowered because they have rotted off, and the Asters have been eaten by slugs and snails. The dictamnus has met a similar fate. I hope it will come back in August like last year, as I very upset to lose it entirely as it is one of my favourites. The poppies have collapsed as! they have hated the wet winter. They were not the only ones. At this time of year you will all the plants to join up, as you hate looking at bare earth. The freshness and shades of green put you on a high of excitement, This is what you have been waiting for all Winter.
My younger son Thomas and Anya have had a baby boy, Nicholas. I am so lucky. George and Nicholas are the names of Kings. James and I went to the Holker Garden Festival which had good weather and was great fun. It is definitely one of the most.beautiful parts of England. The garden is very special,








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