Mid July

You would say that the garden had peaked, except that I like it better in early autumn. The planting of Calendula Indian Prince in the edges of the squares in the par terre are just flowering. They are a great success. This was Polly’s idea, and I warned her that I was going to rip it out if I did’nt like it. Anyway I do, but I still notice a deathly hush go over people when you mention the colour orange. Finally the dahlias are growing, and the colours are amazing. I am going to transfer some Monarda Squaw to the Klimt border in the spring, and a huge blue Delphinium called Cassius is coming out. Your eye kept going to it, for the wrong reasons. I am not going to be too upset as I find delphiniums difficult, and I am not sure what we do wrong. The main struggle is still with the Burgundy border. Polly is right, there are too many Camassias and Allium Globemaster in it, and when over they leave a large gap. We will try and move some of the Camassias to what we call the Botticelli meadow.

The roses are all being deadheaded as they are repeat flowering, and maybe when there is rain later on in the week, Polly will feed them and hoe it in. They are all looking quite healthy, and because of the rain my two new ones, Gentle Hermione and Young Leander, have grown really well. These come from David Austin, and are really quite beautiful.

In about a weeks time some irises from Cayeux in France are arriving. It is quite a long time since I have grown bearded irises so I am excited. We are going to plant them out the front of the house, which should suit them as it is a south wall. All my kniphofias are growing very strongly this year, as last year they hardly flowered at all. The star is kniphofia thomsonii var. thomsonii. Last year there were about 3 at the very end of the year, and this year there are about 25., They like it where they are, with very shart drainage, at the top of the bank.


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