First weeks of September

It is thrilling to be back in my garden having been away in Corfu for a month.
This garden really peaks in the autumn, mainly due to all the asters and grasses. Initially in Spring no one can really tell that I even grow grasses. Our decision (Polly’s idea) to grow Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ in the par terre next to various dahlias (mostly clashing), was a good one. The colours were very Indian. Some Spanish garden designers who came ten days ago, said they could never dream of doing that in their own country. What are they missing I ask myself. ,
Two yews of our new yew hedge have died, One of dryness, being the last in a line going downhill. The above marigolds have been dug out as the foliage is an unattractive white mildewed colour. Once again Dictamnus albus var. purpureus did not flower until August, having been grazed off by snails. We must try and make sure that this does not happen again as I love this plant and do not want it to get weakened. The Burgundy Border is slowly improving, and the Phillyrea latifolia doubled in size. Why do more people not use this plant, it makes lovely shapes and is a good alternative to box. My Glycyrrhiza yunnanensis has grown well. You will all have to look this up. My friend Graham Gough insisted I have it. The only thing that upsets us is that there are hundreds and thousands of tiny black flies that are swarming in a haze up the steps and on the Burgundy border. Polly rang Wisley who were very helpful but were unable to give a solution to the problem and said they would cordon it off if they got it. These things are sent to try us . . . And they do!
Polly texted me to say that we had four sternbergias out. We have about fifteen in Corfu. They were growing on the slopes of Pantocrator, thousands of them, whereas here I had to buy them at great expense from Bob Brown. We are hoping for more flowers as the leaf has come. Polly has worked incredibly hard while I have been away and I have never seen the garden look so good. She says that I say that every year!





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