Last two weeks of September

The garden is very dry and I am sitting at the kitchen door with my foot up on a chair. I have had a tiny operation on it and have to keep it up most of the time. We have planted a 😱small Buxus Sempervirens facing me and behind the Sarcococca Confusa is a new Cotinus Flame. There is also a Baccharis Patagonica, a small leafed shrub which Graham Stuart Thomas was very rude about. I see his point . All these plants are evergreen with different colour shades of green and are very restful on the eye.

We have started introducing soft colours of yellow in two of our big borders. They look beautiful against the gentle lilac or deep mauve of the asters. There is a very tall one called Helianthus gig. Sheila’s Sunshine, which is as tall as my Cortaderia selloana ‘Pumila’, and Helianthus Dorian ‘Roxburgh’, which is not so tall and a slightly softer yellow. These two improve the Allium and Thalictrum border out of all recognition, and I am writing this on the 28th September. The other yellows are going to go in the Klimt border. Usually I do not want to plant as late as this, but you can at least see where you are, how much space you have, and the colour combinations. I am quite excited by these two decisions.

My mind is already thinking of next year and wondering whether the Melianthus Major will take up the enormous space that it has taken this year. I doubt it. All my tulip bulbs have arrived, though it is too early to plant them. I know I am behind hand with my photos but will not let you down.


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