Sunday 25th January, 2015

Winter is slowly disappearing. The days are getting noticeably longer, and now we have the sun on the main lawn at about 11.30. This winter we seem to have had more than our fair share of sun and not too much rain. The monochrome shades of the garden have been joined by white and yellow, namely the snowdrops and aconites. There are three large specimens of Skimmia Kew Green down by the par terre, and the little crocuses on the crocus lawn are beginning to push through. Almost every bed has quite a large proportion of hellebores of every colour. In mid summer you would not know that the hellebores were there. They flower for up to three months, and you can pick the heads and float them in water. Primroses are flowering, and a lot of cyclamen coum are out. The winter circle in the paddock is beginning to look interesting. The Euonymous which is now looming over it, needs cutting back as it has doubled in size since we have been here, and is taking the sun if you want to sit down there. Everything is looking neat and tidy, though the autumn border has not been cut back yet, and it is a big job because it is enormous.
I like the winter garden because it has a lot more structure in it than it used to. Our neighbours next door have the most delightful puppy called Jessie, who races up and down, and Temba is very taken with her. I am excited about all the leucojums I planted last autumn, and I also like looking at all the buds on my new magnolias. Magnolia sieboldii is looking promising, and has grown quite a lot and is going to have more flowers than last year.
We have already ordered some new dahlias from Avon Bulbs. I think they have the most brilliant taste on what is really beautiful.
Every year is so exciting to see if what you have changed is going to work, as you can never count on it.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 25th January, 2015

  1. I am trying to visualise it all. Everything is not neat and tidy here. Just the odd lonely crocus on the high ground. The snowdrops are no where near. Will get onto the dahlia order this week.

    Anna Harvey

    • Michael Heseltine rang me last night from the Caribbean to ask me to dinner with some galanthophile. I know next to nothing about snowdrops! I will take some photos of what we are doing, which is a lot of new planting.

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