28th April, one week back from Corfu and tuliptime

Polly is on holiday this week, and I am enjoying the very sunny days but cold nights.   My main excitement is that I am a grandmother for the third time, as Dominic and Hetty  have had another boy who is called Arthur.    They are all coming to stay this weekend.     Apart from having Mr. Mole, we now have Ratty, who  is up to the most peculiar tricks.     I slightly dread going down to the kitchen in the mornings.    I have called in an expert to try and put  paid to him.    The other morning I was out early in  the garden taking photographs, and Alan (moley catcher) gave me quite a shock.       He is still having a run of successes.   

The garden looks beautiful, though there has been no rain.     On the whole I am very pleased with my tulips,    SANNE in the KLIMT border, half price from Avon Bulbs, and  the mixture of  MAYTIME AND MARIETTE in the par terre.     Some more little species tulips I can always find a space for.    I have started watering newly planted yew balls,   as they were expensive and I want them to get going.    The tulips are certainly worth doing, as if you  took them away half the colour would vanish from the garden.    I order them from Avon Bulbs (expensive) or Peter Nyssen (cheap).       I plant them deep on a bed of grit and bonemeal.    You will soon find out which come up year after year, or peter out immediately.       The alliums are up everywhere and y ou have to keep an eye on them as they increase very rapidly on my soil.     I  am digging out all my Nectaroscordons, and the smell is appalling when you do this.    One Allium Globemaster has turned into 30.       They look amazing, and last  the longest and go over very well, but there is a big gap when they are over.     Something you should be growing at the moment is camassias, not only are they blue and beautiful, but increase rapidly, and do well in grass.       Though then you cannot mow until July.     

I have just weeded the new circle in the paddock, and most of the newly planted peonies have flower buds on.    I cant wait to see the flowers.   Last weekend we went to Wales, and stayed at Mostyn.    We went on the saturday to BODNANT, where there some wickedly clashing azaleas,  but also some very beautiful sections, the Pinmill and the woodland ravine, with huge magnolias reaching for the sky.       We then went on to see Bodysgallen, which was full of structure and antiquity, in fact it fairly took your breath away.     Here at Pettifers we now have sheep in the next door field on the right. which is a huge improvement.    I love the noises they make.


One thought on “28th April, one week back from Corfu and tuliptime

  1. love hearing about tulips that come up another year. i rather feel the Dutch have an agenda whereby no tulip ever comes up more than once!
    can almost hear the sound of your sheep but the rats and moles sound less charming!

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