Spring photographs from Corfu, 2015






One thought on “Spring photographs from Corfu, 2015

  1. Thank you for the lovely photographs you sent during your stay on Corfu.
    Sweet memories for me as we spent our honeymoon there almost 44 years ago.
    It is wonderful to be able to spend time in a place where nature is ahead of you compaired
    to where you come from.
    It is what we experienced at the beginning of April when we spent a fortnight in our house
    south of Bergerac in the Dordogne where the trees were in blossom. And just like you the
    first thing I do when we arrive after 11 hours in the car is look at the garden to see what is still alive!.
    I follow your blog and enjoy it very much.
    It now seems, today May 5th, that you’re ahead of us compaired to our gardens in Holland, so many flowers already!
    Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful gardens.
    Regards, Loes André de la Porte

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