The beginning of May

Looking down the garden at the bottom of the lawn you see the blossom of Malus Transitoria stretching the whole way across at the end of the vista in the paddock.     When I planted it I certainly was not aware of how wide it was going to get.      Everything looks beautiful at the moment and very fresh and emerald green.     Polly gave me five small camassia called ‘John Treasure’ for my birthday and they are flowering for the first time.     These are going to be double.    They are in the ‘Peony’ circle, but if they increase a lot I shall start them  off somewhere else as well.   We are redoing the pots at the moment, and trying to get them a bit more exciting.    I  am near the end of my love affair with astelias, and am starting to discover salvias.    Today is quite hot, and I am scarlet in the face having been out there since 7o clock.         Malus Hupehensis are also starting to flower, but are not so special as my Malus Transitoria.    They have been pruned quite a lot which shows.      It is a mixed blessing having trees to back a border, as they inevitably take moisture from the ground.    The tulips are hanging on,  but if the weather is hot they will go over.     The two stars are MARIETTE and SANNE,  MARIETTE is lily flowered shocking pink in the parterre, and SANNE is pink in  the KLIMT border.      Sanne was half price from AVON BULBS at the end of the season, and turned out to be very special.     The Klimt border is always one of my best borders, partly because of the filtered light it gets,   and maybe that I repeat things in it.      One of my best grasses which is in it is Calamagrostis acutiflora Overdam, which at the moment is grey and white striped with a tinge of pink to the leaves.        This border slopes downhill ending in a large Cornus  Controversa.   There is no way I  am ever going to stop putting tulips in my borders in spring, as you can have great fun with colour schemes, and really now is the time to plan what you are going to do next year.      We leave quite a lot of the tulips in, but some repeat much better than others.     I love it when I discover a new tulip that repeats well.      The species tulips are very well worth growing as they increase rather than decrease, as they run under the ground.     I think Honky Tonk is my prettiest at the moment.

The peony circle in the paddock was weeded and mulched today.     Quite a few of the new peonies are  going to have flowers which I  cant wait to see, and  the euonymous in the autumn border gives some partial shade which they like.   I am going to watch out for Binny Plants at Chelsea.      My friend, Karen, gave me Peony e Modi, , which has a flower on, and I had read somewhere that it is difficult.       Clive Nichols is coming to live in Wardington next week which is bound to be fun.


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