26th MAY, 2015

We are near the end of May now, and quite a few of our tulips are still showing.      Maybe it has not been too hot, and they give a lift to all the borders that they are in.      One of the stars has been Mariette, recommended by Peter Nyssen, and Sanne which came from Avon Bulbs.      Mariette was a kind of flaming pink, and Sanne was a lot more subtle, grey, pink and cream.    This has been flowering in the Klimt border which is always one of our best borders.       At the moment Polly is digging out the tulips in the par terre in order to fill it with dahlias.     We are keeping the Mariette and going to put them in our main border.     The Maytime we will plant a few and give the rest to friends.     It is not that I dont like it but have grown it for years and would like to try other  t hings.       The Mariette was so good we are growing it again in the par terre.       

Last weekend we went to stay in North Wales and went to look at Powys Castle, which did not disappoint at all.    In fact it was completely wonderful.      You can never go wrong with massive structure like Powys’ yew hedges.     It was interesting seeing what was in their borders as it is still very early.     They had the hugest specimen of the yellow banksian rose that I had ever seen.    It was a shame that the plants they had for sale were very boring.    

One of my favourite plants is Dictamnus.      Our pink one has not been grazed off by snails this year, and our white one has clumped up and is flowering happily.     They are difficult and definitely slow.        The scent from brushing ones hand against them is delightful.      Though Polly says she prefers the scent of monardas.     There is not much in it.       The Valerian Phu Aurea is flowering, and in the evening that  has a strong scent, but pleasing.    James has just got back from Corfu, where he saw our pomegranate trees flowering which I have never seen.    He brought back two enormous lemons.      The blossom of Malus Transitoria is over, and Malus Hupehensis is still flowering.    I included both my grandchildren on the blog’s photographs by mistake.    They are Arthur and George, and Dominic and Hetty are their parents, Dominic being my eldest son.    Their other grandmother said she liked the ‘two little hardy perenials’!


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