June 2, 2015

It is all go here as my mother would have said.    I begin to wonder if there is ever a relaxing period in the life of a garden.    All  the tulips have been cut down or taken out.       Now we seem to be reliant for colour on the alliums, of which we have plenty.     Allium Globemaster,  Purple Sensation, Albopilosum (maybe my favourite), Nectaroscordum,  Globemaster, Mount Everest and Firmanent which is about to flower.     They are all different shades of violet, except for the Nectaroscordums which are varying colours of brown and mauve, and increase so rapidly that you need to be very wary of them.        What I love about the alliums is that they seed about which gives a natural look to the garden, but you must not hold back on digging them out, especially if they are intefering or covering something precious.       The geums are the stars at the moment, which are orange, and pinky red, and seem to flower for a very long time, probably because it is cold.        Everything is still growing fast, and it seems that every time you look at anything it has grown a couple of inches.

The front garden is a picture at the moment, as the white wisteria is in full flower, the credit of which goes to James.      Nepeta Nuda is definitely the best camint I have ever seen.    It is upright, and its flowers are ethereal and delicate.    Polly has done cuttings so we have four along the front of the house. For next year we are going to have clumps of allium Mount Everest in the front garden to pick up the colour of the white wisteria.       We have dug out the Purple Sensation which I  found too strong in colour.       

  Today is cold and wet and we have a lot of people coming this evening, so all that I pray is that it does not actually rain.      Polly is busy planting the dahlias in the par terre, which  we have slightly changed from last years scheme.     We have bought Natal (Pompon), Little Robert (Pompon) and Happy Single Kiss (Single) from Avon Bulbs.     From last year we have Jescot Julie and Miss Julie (my favourites), and Admiral Rawlings.     Yesterday we got hail stoned on.        A lot of thought and trouble goes into the par terre, and when we moved the alstromerias last autumn they have increased a lot, and will give good blocks of colour.        

Apparently we are going to have a heat wave towards the weekend, which always puts one in a better mood.       On friday I have Mark Griffiths and Yoko coming to see me,  so he can tell me all about how he has cracked the Tudor Code in research for his  book on John Gerard.  It is all very exciting, as I have read all about it in  Country Life and the national newspapers.      


One thought on “June 2, 2015

  1. Sounds, but will look far better, than my garden. I have never seen such tall plants. All leaf and no flowers particularly the delphiniums. The white wisteria is rather fine. Wish it lasted longer. Hurrah for the hot weekend forecast. I must put in geums next year. Thank you for such a helpful blog. Ax

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