6th June, 2015, photographs



2 thoughts on “6th June, 2015, photographs

    • Mornin’, the blue flower behind the Allium ‘Globe Master’ is a Camassia leichtlinii subsp. leichtlinii, which sounds terribly grand but is actually the most easily available type. They like good soil, especially damp soil that then dries out over the summer. It comes from the mid western prairies in America and we grow it en masse in the Paddock at the bottom of the Avenue. Having lots of it isn’t difficult as it bulks up quickly – too quickly in a border as the leaves smother any plants around it which leaves gaps after they die down. Every time we plant something new in the Burgundy Border I dig around it and remove any bulb I find whether it be tulip, camassia or allium as the new plant would be swamped in it’s first Spring otherwise – don’t tell Gina! Polly

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