June 19th, 2015

I have decided that the garden looks its most beautiful after rain or when there is a fine drizzle.      The leaves glistening with raindrops makes everything look luminous.      Everything, like always, is not straightforward.  Eremurus Obelisk for some reason best known to themselves,  they are in the front garden) , have decided not to flower.        Before taking out a lot of crumpled dead leaves I will ring up the nursery I got them from to discuss it if they have time!

We have applied for permission to take out the most enormous ash tree which has quadrupled in size since we have been there.    It completely overhangs our tiny greenhouse and sucks all the moisture from the surrounding ground.     Polly is not confident that we will get it as we are a conservation village, but our next door neighbours want it out too.         It would make a huge difference to the garden.         Papaver orientalis are all flowering well, as they did not flower at all last Hobhouseyear.

Everything else is a dream, the colours and textures are good.    Last week we had a French herbaceous plant society who completely fell in love with us and started saying Bravo Polly in the kitchen.    When they left we both felt so euphoric that I kissed Polly on both cheeks!        The dahlias have lall gone in and are shooting and it will be fun to see if our colour schemes work this year. The day before yesterday Polly and I went to see Harriet Barings garden (see blog Helping Harriet).      It is amazing what we have achieved in two years.   It is very good soil with a lot of manure dug in, and the plants all look so happy py, and  huge.


2 thoughts on “June 19th, 2015

  1. Dear Gina, as the tour leader of the French group, I feel delighted to have made such a positive impression on you both, Polly and you . we all were more than enthousiastic with your garden, not speaking of the tea pot ….. thank you again for your very warm welcome, and letting people visit such an enchanting garden! and now, when you speak about it, I shall know better what you mean …. !

  2. All sounds heavenly. I can’t even find my dahlias in the confusion of delphiniums and other tall specimens Ax

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