29th June, 2015

Summer is finally here, and there is a steady buzz of the bees and fluttering of the butterflies.      The temperature is increasing by about ten degrees and we are enjoying blue skies.     On saturday I went out into the garden at 5 am to take some photographs and was rewarded with the best I have taken this year.            No wonder Clive and my friend at Chanticleer (ErIc) take such marvellous photographs.       By 4 o’ clock I felt so tired that I went to sleep for two hours!  

The roses are all flowering,  and thank goodness I have not got too many as I do not like it when the garden gets too blobby with the roses’ patches of colour.       The kniphofias are all flowering (which they dId not last year), and the autumn border is looking very promIsing with the monardas and the helenium ‘Sahins early flowerer’, the best by far as it flowers for three months if you deadhead it.     

The groups that we have round the garden take more photographs of my teapot than my garden, as it so large (and handsome).       It is quite funny.     Karen and I went to Derry Watkins nursery, which seemed to be a very long way, it was the other side of Bath.      She was incredibly friendly and hospitable and gave us both lunch.      I bought quite a few interesting plants. I also went to see Marina Christopher from Phoenix Perennials who was selling plants at Whichford Pottery.      Everything I bought from her was a gem, and one learns such a lot even in a brief conversation with her.  She has such a good memory, and asked me if I still grew Ratibida Pinnata.     It was about seven years ago that I bought it from her!       It has seeded in a tiny crack between two paving stones and seems happy there.      Slugs love it and completely consumed five others I planted, so be warned!      All our Dahlias are flourishing and this year we have planted nasturtiums in between them.   I will show you whether this succeeds or not.


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