8th July, 2015

The garden has swung into its summer mode, coping with temperatures of 95 degrees last week.     Needless to say it was the night I decided to have an impromptu drinks party in the garden.       All the blue eryngiums are glowing with an incandescent electric blue, although I have gone off eryngium Alpina as  its leaves at the base are coarse and brown.      Neil has been here yesterday to cut the long grass at the bottom of the garden, so now you can see the Autumn Border which is looking beautiful with its clashing monardas, Cambridge Blue,  helenium ‘Sahins early flowerer’, which is the best helenium, mainly because it flowers for three months if you dead head it.    Cortaderia Richardii is flowering, and will continue to do so for six months.       No one should dismiss pampas grass out of hand.       Globemaster is the one allium that dies well, and is still looking very attractive.

On Monday we had Dutch people round the garden.     We gave one of them a. Sorbus that we did not want, and Polly dug it up for him.      He immediately covered Polly with kisses, with everyone cheering and clapping, it was so funny, as was the .expression on Polly’s face!       The dahlias are beginning to flower in the parterre, and the agapanthus are in bud.      The par terre and the autumn border are a picture and soon I will take some photographs.       My camera has got itself on all the wrong.settings and I need some help with it.

I am worried about what is happening in Greece.     We have been going there for the last twenty years, and not only is it idyllically beautiful, but its people are very warm and generous.      I really hope that events start turning in the right direction.

One of my dahlias is called ‘Happy single Kiss’, quite sweet, it is very pretty.     The best perennial in my garden must be Amsonia Hubrichtii.      After five years it is up to my shoulder height with a wonderful leaf.       Graham Gough told me not to divide it.     Needless to say we had, and it will never get as tall.   We have just planted Dianthus Carthusianorum, I hope that it settles in as it is very pretty and I have wanted it for some time.       Calamagrostis acutiflora. Overdam and Avalanche are both flowering as are my pennisetums Karley Rose and Red Buttons.       They are amongst the prettiest small grasses,  with maybe Stipa Tenuissima being the star.



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