July 24th, 2015

I have just had a letter confirming that we can take the huge ash down, and I have been jumping up and down with excitement.    It has got larger and larger and is taking so much moisture from the ground that I can hardly grow anything successfully in the Burgundy Border.    My two dogs, Tensing and Pertemba have just been to the hairdressers, and Tensing, though looking beautiful, has just rolled in something black, god knows what!   

 It is raining outside which we badly need, and Polly and I have just walked round the garden commenting on things that we think are not doing well.   The stars are the eryngiums, and  pennisetum Karley Rose, which has taken up twice as much space as we thought it would.      Our euphorbias are looking pretty good and dont seem to mind dryness.      Achilleas are beautiful with so many different tones of colour in the flower, pink and peach.      Digitalis Ferrruginea must be the best perennial foxglove, I feel a lift just looking at it.    It is together with Sedum Matrona and Calamagrostis acutiflora ‘Overdam’ in the Klimt border, which is going to benefit hugely with the removal of the Ash.

Polly had James Golden, from the States, round the garden yesterday, and I only wish I had been there.       He had spotted us from being on the cover of the book ‘The New English Garden’.      He writes an interesting blog, which we must look at .      As soon as I get the right conditions I will put a lot of up to date photos on.       All the agapanthus are in bud and about to flower, our best  one is Agapanthus Quink Drops, which lives up to its name.     My other favourite is Agapanthus Windsor Grey, which is a soft violet mauve, and very individual..


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