22 August, 2015, back in Corfu

We have been here nearly a week now and the garden looks better than usual for this time of year.     In two pots in the courtyard we are growing Duranta.    This  is airy and feathery, with a soft purple flower, and thanks to me cutting it back in spring is quite bushy.    The colour of its leaf is a very pleasing green.   We have had some steps built in the courtyard which breaks up the square wall at the back.     James has mended the fountain which as us ual had broken down because Elpida does not like the job of cleaning it out.   This is in fact quite easy if you keep on top of it.       It shows  how rocky and barren our land is  here that we can grow so successfully things in pots rather than in the ground.        Our westrigia looks ver y happy now too.       The only job at this time of year is watering the pots, lemon trees are greedy for water too.     The pomegranate bushes appear strong and healthy.     Gaura lindheimi are  fluttering in the breeze, looking llke small white butterflies.

Below the terrace are two Persimmon trees which this year are laden with fruit,  and  have grown hugely, with a very pleasing and healthy leaf.    Podranea ricasoliana is another of my successes, both in a pot and in t he courtyard.    It has a very pretty soft pink tubular flower.       For the first time ever we have grown cannas in pots, bought by James, as I dont like them.    But I might be in the process of changing my mind as they look alright down by the swimming pool.        The passion flower is flowering well down by the swimming pool, but the flowers in the top of the wall are  a disaster.      Why does everyones oleander flower so well, except for mine.   I know they have flowered in June but I am not there  then.    Maybe I will get Jiannis to not prune them so hard.    On the terraces we have quite a few evergreen shapes, bay, box, etc, but they all need to get bigger.     All in all it is a paradise, with the backdrop of the sea and the mountains of Albania.


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