October, the onset of Autumn 2015

The light in the garden is getting softer, and the colours more intense.     The dahlias facing me in a glass vase seem almost Venetian.      There is so much flowering in the garden that I hardly know where to start.    The asters make a picture in themselves, Aster Laevis, soft mauve with tiny daisies,   Aster Violet Queen startling in their intensity,  all carefully chosen so that they do not get mildew.     Aster Harrington Pink which is in the Klimt border, and is a beautiful shocking pink.     At this time of year most  of my grasses are flowering, and they go so well with the Asters.     I went to Graham Gough of Marchants Hardy Plants, and came back with some beautiful plants, which the Autumn Border has swallowed up quite a few as we have lengthened it.     The feeling everywhere due to the demise of the ash is brilliant.    We have just seen the book ‘Private Gardens of  England’ which we are in, and I am pleased as Andrew Lawsons photographs are marvellous and pretty up to date.      I am going to have to get Polly, and Dominic and Thomas one each, which is going to set me back quite a bit.    

I am longing to see the Burgundy border next year as it is all completely replanted.    Last week was perfect autumn days all the time, and now it has rained hard for three.   I have just had my American  photographer friend John Hall staying, and he is like a breath of fresh air.     My rosa mutablis out the front is covered in blooms which are all varied shades of pinks.    The tulips have all arrived, but we are going to wait until November before planting them.   My great friend Eric who works at Chanticleer in the States, says another book has come out of that  garden.     We have plenty of cyclamen scattered everywhere.     Our ivy on the front steps looks pretty sick on one side and we are going to have to cut it hard back and hope for the best.    We are not all success stories!


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