9 November, 2015

Autumn is really upon us now.      All the leaves are coming down fast,  and we have just had a week of rain.    It is very mild still which is just as well as we have had no boiler for 6 weeks.    Last week in the garden my left foot shot out to the left on leaves on a slippery path and I fell in the middle of a lot of epimedium leaves on my right side.      My left ankle still twinges!    The most beautiful leaves I have are my Ginkgo Biloba.    These trees are meant to be older than dinosaurs.

I have been busy cutting off hellebore leaves as the flowers are already pushing their way up.     We do not put the leaves on the compost heap but in the brown bin, as they are too tough to rot down satisfactorily.     Polly has mulched the area I was working on  with leaf compost.      Due to the mildness we have an anemone ingrammii in flower in the Winter Circle in the paddock, and a red primula called Don Kieffe, rather beautiful.    

This is an exciting week for me as my younger son Thomas (W. Hodgkinson) has just had his first book published, called How to sound Cultured.    He was on the Today programme on Saturday morning, and did pretty well.      He co wrote it with Hubert van den Bergh.     

My Melianthus Major is enormous and is covered with funny looking flowers.   It has to be the best structural plant if you have room for it.     This weekend we have Graham and Lucy Gough staying, and I am having a gardening lunch party for them.   Sibylle Kreutzeberger, Ronald Mackenzie, and Andrew Lawson and his wife Briony are all coming.     I hope James will survive this!      

My Aunt Doreen, aged 99,  died peacefully on September 14th, in the States.      This happens to be James’ birthday.      I feel sad as she was the last of my older relations left.    I have only just heard and read her obituary on line.     It said she loved gardening and bridge, which sounds like me.


2 thoughts on “9 November, 2015

  1. Great coverage in the Daily Telegraph too for Thomas’s book. Bravo. So sorry about the fall. The fallen leaves are wet and sometimes a bit slimy, I almost went over too! I love the pre-historic Ginkgo and am lucky to have one too.

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