A month ago in Corfu, and this and that on the 27th November

The top photograph are my great friends ANNAMARIA and VICTOR EDELSTEIN. They are both artists and have a joint exhibition at 22 Connaught Street next week.   Victor paints portraits and interiors, and Annamaria still lifes and landscapes.     In our bedroom in Corfu we have four of Annamarias beautiful pastel shell pictures.     From Victor we have a picture of the hall at Mostyn, which is my old family home.    In the photograph we are walking round the medaeval village of Old Perithia, which has seven churches and the best food in Corfu, at OGNISTRA.      It is completely deserted in autumn and winter, and you really feel you are going back in time.      It also has a huge selection of wild flowers in Spring, and sternberghia growing wild everywhere in the autumn, slightly perilous to get at.      The second photograph is the fruit of my Diospyros tree, which was laden with about 80 persimmons this year.   In fact so much so that it broke the main leader.    I brought back about 15 and they have taken all this time to ripen.     Unless they are totally ripe and soft they are revolting, and you t hen eat them with a spoon, rather like a boiled egg!    This is one of the few things in my Corfu garden that look good in August and seems to tolerate the heat and the drought.

Polly always says that the season starts in t he autumn, as you look at the borders and can see the shape and the spread.     She has just finished cutting back the CHARTREUSE bed, and planting new tulips in it.   We put gravel on the top of the newly planted tulips so we know where they are.    Every year we get excited about our colour combinations, and are they going to work.      This year we have two quite large groups coming round at tulip time, which we dont usually as everyone always goes for June, July.       In the par terre where we have lifted and stored the dahlias , in the empty spaces  Polly plants tulips, usually a combination of two colours.       Altogether we need about 700.

Next year we are having two workshop days with Clive Nichols, in May and September.     We have not done this for ages, but it was a great success last time and everyone loved it.      Clive is a brilliant teacher, and  there are a huge selection of plants and vistas in my garden.    Polly and I are already looking forward to it a lot. 


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