How the garden is progressing in winter, 11th December 2015

Two fields away from us, in our neighbours field, a bronze eagle on a plinth has spread his wings.      It reminds us of the crows that stalk us in our garden.    It gives us a vague sense of unease.      He gave us all rather a shock as we were not expecting him.     

This is an extraordinary time of year, snowdrops and aconites are already flowering, as well as ipheions and anemone blanda.     I dont really like to see the hellebores all flowering, as I am sure they will be knocked to the ground either by snow or frost.      Polly has planted all the tulips in the par terre and the Klimt border.    But we have not even started cutting back in the big borders on the main lawn.      My great friend Karen, has stated that she is only cutting back “black and ugly”, this sounds quite funny but when I look around I see exactly what she means.    All my digitalis ferruginea would come under that description, and they have probably seeded everywhere by now.      

My persimmons that I brought back from Corfu are absolutely disgusting.    They made my teeth ache and never ripened properly.     Polly said she had the same problem.     Thank goodness I only brought 15 back instead of 100!   Polly said they had terrible pith.     I have already done the christmas tree as I have two lots of grandchildren staying before and after Christmas.      It is still so mild I can hardly believe it, which is why all these things are flowering.


One thought on “How the garden is progressing in winter, 11th December 2015

  1. We are often covered by enough snow to disguise the black and ugly by now. We have had a very mild November/December, but it can not last. The pictures of the snowdrops arriving in England make me very jealous. If only I were fabulously wealthy I would move there.

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