30 January, 2016

I have not seen the garden for five days, and what a difference there is.   The Cornus Mas is flowering, and plenty of Crocus Tommasinianus are appearing in the crocus lawn at the bottom of the steps.   They are beginning to self seed quite a lot.     We have started them off under Sorbus Vilmorinii, a rather special pink one, roseus, that I got from Bob Brown at Cotswold Garden Flowers.      I am longing to go back there to see if we can find any interesting ferns for the side of the steps.      A sweet little flower called Cardamine quinquefolia has bobbed up.     It has a very nice leaf and pale violet flower and spreads like mad, dying down in the end.       In the middle of one of the two circles in the paddock is a large patch of anemone ingrammii, which is a deeper blue and flowers earlier and longer than anemone blanda.

Polly rang me to say that we are going on Gardeners Question Time which was an excitement, and Clive Nichols came over to take some photographs.    It sounded a lot of fun and I wish I had been there, instead of stuck in London with the dogs running away.    We are in the process of having a new kitchen installed which is causing pandemonium.      All the magnolias are flowering in London, they are always ahead of us.      All the snowdrops that I have planted are flourishing and have increased hugely.       The photograph that I have printed of blue grey slate chips, has euonymus seeds lying in it from my tree which is near it.    Our MOLECATCHER has caught two moles in the paddock,  I don’t know how he does it.   He is a real expert, we can’t catch them.      The garden is beginning to look just so tidy, which is a description that I don’t  usually like, but at this time of year I do.


One thought on “30 January, 2016

  1. Oh I wish my garden looked tidy! So much weeding to do. Wonderful about Gardeners Question Time. Do let us know when.

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