Valentine’s Day

Though a nice day it is freezing outside, and you need a hat and gloves, and it has dropped about 15 degrees.      Our Cornus Mas is flowering beautifully, although not very old.    Anything that flowers in the winter is worth its weight in gold.    This shrub has golden leaves which then turn green later on.    The wind seems to have blown all the crocus Tommasinianus over to one side of the crocus lawn, and all the blue anemone blanda to the opposite side, quite strange.   On Tuesday we have a photo shoot with Jonathan Buckley for Polly’s column next year in Gardening Which.     I have looked it up and it is going to be a sunny day, and we have been told to wear bright colours!      One of the things Polly is going to do is to prune the massive Lonicera Maacki which has turned into a tree, so either it meets its death or survives.       When Sue Dickinson first came round the garden she was very taken with it and wanted a cutting.    I did not care whether it lived or died, and typically it did really well. 

It is time that we started dividing some of the snowdrops as they are looking pretty congested, with too much leaf and too little flowers.   You are meant to replant them in groups of three.   It makes a big difference to the winter garden having so many clumps of snowdrops.       I can’t remember feeling so excited half way through February, though this has been a particularly mild winter.       The snowdrops are very rewarding.     Polly gave me a Greatorex double called Jacquinetta about five years ago.        Now I have about eighty of them, and they are particularly pretty.       The days are getting much lighter and it is still light at 4.30.      The dogs are so happy to be back in the garden after two weeks in London, you only have to say Squirry to Tensing and he is off like a bullet from a gun.     Squirrel.     We have put up a bird feeder for gold finches but so far there is absolutely no sign of them.       All we seem to have is pigeons and horrible black birds.       The daffodils are in bud already, and we have a few new ones planted.         We are already accustomed to the loss of the ash tree, and I am looking forward to see if the two beds that were under it are going to benefit.


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. I just love reading about Pettifers. Am excited Polly is to have a column in Gardening Which next year as I find it a good source of gardening info. Here on the Isle of Wight there are many daffodils blooming – N. Tete a Tete and N. February Gold and many of my snowdrops, too, although some of the differenet species I have are over. The hellebores are really lifting ones spirits but I would love to be able to grow Cornus mas but it doesn’t thrive in my chalky garden. Enjoying your photographs. Trisha.

    • We are excited about Polly too, We have no daffodils out yet, but the general structure is much better. Have just planted a few Tête-à-tête in the grass interspersed with snowdrops, I realise more and more how important this time of year is. Gina

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