Spring has Sprung


Spring has sprung makes me think of the sheep and their lambs in our next door fields, with everything fresh and green and growing before your very eyes. Our new lawn mower is not working properly which is very annoying as the lawn is raggedy and needs
a mow. We are in the middle of repainting one of our benches, and goodness it is a boring job as it needs an undercoat and two top coats. It is going to be a pale mauve which is not everyones choice but we like it. In the garden we have four benches but they all seem to get used, two mauve, one pale blue, and one plain oak and rather gothic. The pots are all out but not planted up, they are green, royal blue, terracotta, and some from Whichford Pottery which are a variety of colours.
We have been ordering plants on line, an agapanthus bred by Pine Cottage Plants called Northern Star, three paeonies from Binny Plants, for our paeonie circle in the paddock. The paeonies are called Lorelei, and Happy. Binny Plants have a very good website for the paeonies, When the paeonies are all flowering I will put a picture on the blog.
The star plant of the moment is valerian phu aurea, which is a plant that is a lime green colour now and brightens up a border, with a flower that smells lovely in the evening. We have coming up geranium expresso, which is a very dark geranium that you can hardly see before it is up. In the paddock are three specimens of Prunus Yedoense which are now mature and can be seen from quite a long way away,
and team in beautifully with the pale mauve bench. Magnolia Spectrum is flowering (pink) and Magnolia Stellata (white), and Staphylea Colchica is in leaf. I have got one for my friend Harriet Baring. It is one of the prettiest shrubs. The other three magnolias we have moved into the paddock, I think I will be quite old to see them flower. Though Magnolia Sieboldii has already flowered in its previous position.
I think Spring has its own special light in the way that Autumn does. We have a lot of tulips coming up in every bed except the Autumn Border. We are letting the anemone blanda drift into the autumn border, letting it make pools of colour. I have never seen the snakeshead fritillaries so thick, they look marvellous. It is like a paradise down the bottom of the garden.


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