10th May, 2016, Pettifers, photographic workshop with Clive Nichols

It could not have been a worse weather forecast, but twenty intrepid people gathered with us, clutching umbrellas and tripods.     Nine of my great friends had come down from London, and Clive arrived early with three changes of clothes!    He also had more camera equipment than I had ever seen!      We had got the dining room ready with about 25 chairs, and I already had a large screen.     We bought our own projector which had been delivered about two weeks ago, and luckily for me Polly’s other half, Colin, works in IT and seems completely au fait with anything technical, unlike me.       Debbie Thorneycroft had prepared a delicious lunch, a chicken dish with new potatoes, followed by a fresh fruit salad and meringues with cream.     I bought some white wine, but no one drank it except for me and Colin.   Clive led everyone out in the garden in between showers, or during, and it was such a success.     He is a brilliant teacher, particularly as most people there did not seem to know how to work their camera.     He took one look at the camera that James gave me and did not seem at all interested, because he thinks that they are very limited compared to the kind of thing he uses!         One of my best friends fainted in the kitchen, very gracefully, and was luckily caught by someone, and then another great friend, Vanessa, started eating the dog biscuits thinking that they were nuts!       Anyway we all had a wonderful time, and are having another one on Tuesday, September 20th, and are already taking bookings.


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