Monday, 23rd May, 2016

This has been the perfect Spring.     Intermittent warmth, with a lot of showery rain.    Everything has been growing before my very eyes.     It all looks so lush and healthy.      We have just had two groups of Americans, I love Americans, they are always so enthusiastic.    At the moment our Malus Transitoria in the paddock are flowering.      They are very wide spreading, and have greatly benefited by having their crowns lifted by Polly last September.      The Malus Hupehensis are also flowering their heads off,  getting taller and wider all the time, greatly helped by the removal of that huge Ash that was near them.     The Schisandra Rubiflora is virtually coming in the kitchen window with bright little red flowers.       All my Calamagrostis are looking lovely, Avalanche, El Dorado, Acutiflora Overdam,  and Calamagrostis  Karl Foerster.      They seem to take off quite quickly once they are in the ground.        Now is the moment for the alliums.     In two beds we had to take them to pieces because the alliums had taken over.       Particularly last winter.      So when we dug them out the spaces had to be replanted with something new.     Lately we have been going to Avondale Nursery which is near Coventry, and it has a brilliant selection of herbaceous plants, also well grown.      For us it is not too far, maybe half an hour.      

The alliums flowering at the moment are Allium Purple Sensation, Globemaster, Everest, we changed all the alliums out the front so that white ones coincided with the white wisteria that is just beginning to flower.       Also I must not forget the nectaroscordon, which smells appalling if you touch it,    That seems to spread more than any other, as I thought I dug almost all of them out last year.       The geums are flowering their heads off, and are in shades of orange, yellow, and peach.        We have just tried to divide a silver astelia, but could not get it out of the pot.    It took a huge kitchen knife to do the trick, and about a quarter of an hour of trying.       It is going at the front of the Burgundy border where there are always spaces caused by Allium Globemaster.        This border, though small, is looking very pretty at the moment.     Soft colour blue of Camassia Electra,  Valerian Pyrenacium, soft pink,    Allium Globemaster, soft pink,  and Cotinus Old Fashioned, just breaking into leaf,    Aster lady in black, with dark foliage.        Of all the borders this is the one that is going to benefit the most from the removal of the ash.


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