Friday, JUNE 3rd, 2016

We have just had a coach load for 50 people from the Czech Republic round the garden.   They were charming and as usual fascinated by the aga and the gents loo.     At the moment the garden is looking beautiful, all the different foliages, and soft colours with different shades of green.      The roses are showing colour in their buds, which in a way is more interesting than when they are fully flowering.     The one I am longing to see is Souvenir de Dr. Jamain, which is the deepest red, and has to flower in the shade otherwise it scorches.   Rhapsody in Blue has one flower out which caught the attention of a Rose Society lady from Switzerland, who had come to see if we were good enough to visit next year.    This rose won several prizes when it emerged about three years ago.       The Malus Hupehensis is dropping its white petals like a carpet, I have never seen it look so amazing.     We went to Arabella Lennox Boyds garden, Gresgarth, on the way to Cumbria last weekend.     I can only describe it as magical.     Blue Himalayan poppies, red tulip acuminatum in long grass at the foot of a tree,  yellow poppies allowed to go everywhere,  I am very fierce with them.     The stream, or river, gushing down, with an incredibly beautiful duck that looked rather like a peacock, similar colours.     Everything was beautiful, I have yet to acquire a beautiful greenhouse.      Still it is fun to have things to look forward to.      I have no water, and no cobbled mosaics, but I do have a breathtaking view.      I noticed Eremurus at the back of a border.     My Eremurus have failed to flower for the second year running in the front garden,  and I am going to get rid of them, my patience has expired!      I am also pretty fed up with Scilla Peruviana, it does not do much to earn its keep.

We are planting a few new Clematis, which I do not always find totally easy, so we shall see how we get on.     It is freezing cold at the moment, but getting warmer next week apparently, no wonder we talk about the weather in England so much.     Though the plants like this weather and it holds them back.      We have planted a delphinium called Alice Artindale, which has the reputation of being very difficult, so we will see.    It looks terribly pretty.      My intersectional peonies are flowering for the first time.       She is called Julia Rose, and I have also planted Bartzella, which is soft yellow.       I went to the Chelsea Flower Show and didn’t like the gardens much, but always enjoy the tent.     I ordered an amazing narcissus called Copper Queen, with a very deep orange centre.         After five hours of  being on my feet, and being bumped into by people with backpacks I felt shattered.


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