June 8th, 2016

Sometimes I wish that I had been born a man, as then I would have had no neighbours.     My childhood home in North Wales would have had plenty of room to make a large garden with extensive views of the Dee Estuary,  and no trouble in any direction.     Here I have five  neighbours and am hemmed in on every side.      But I must be honest most of them are pretty good.        The real reason that I am lucky is the borrowed landscape at the end of the garden, which also makes everything look bigger..        

The peonies that we have planted in the circle in the paddock are all flowering in their second year,   and I am beginning to see what I want to achieve down there.     The red and soft yellow look stunning against the green grass, and they are all flowering at once.    We have planted some cream camassias in the long grass on the right hand side, and are going to add to them… Next year they will be taller and therefore will make more of a statement. I am going to try a few allium Globemaster as they are soft mauve and taller.   Having seen Arabella’s garden I am going to try tulip acuminata, in the shade round the foot of a tree.     That is how hers were successful and I am going to have a go.      The red and the green looked amazing together.       Clive (Nichols)  has just been to The Plant Specialist and is    growing a large selection of mouthwatering  verbascums, and we are going to see what we can find.    I usually find them difficult, but will have another go giving them the conditions that they like, hot and dry.       We have said goodbye to the Eremurus, and are going to put Miscanthus Morning Light in their place,    We already have some successfully growing along the front.       The roses are all in bud and on the whole look very  healthy.    I like them a lot just before they open and you can see the colour.     Rose Mrs Oakley Fisher has been flowering for some time, she is a continuous flowerer.     She is apricot.    Phyllis Bide is just opening, and Rhapsody in Blue, who everyone wants.      She has won several medals.      The swallows have nested in the garage again, and my car seems to be their main target.   


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