15th JUNE, 2016

This is meant to be the wettest June on record, and though we don’t like it the plants certainly do.      They are growing so fast, and ones that are going in the ground now are getting away with no trouble.     I have not forgotten the various dry springs we have had and how miserable the plants have looked  that went in late.     Polly has done quite a number of cuttings that have done very well, maybe partly because of not having the  Ash over the greenhouse.     So in they have gone, and are already showing promise.      The delphinium ‘Alice Artindale’, notoriously difficult, has doubled in size with flower buds on, which we are longing to see as in pictures it is so beautiful.        

On Monday we decided to take out the two cones of box either side of the gravel and stone sets path at the back of the house.     Several reasons, firstly Temba’s  favourite place for lifting his leg, notwithstanding the dog rocks in his drinking water.     Suddenly the new foliage on the left hand side has died back in a very unattractive way, about the width of an outstretched hand.     This is starting on the other side too.    The main reason is that it clutters.     Now you have the stretch of plain lawn, leading to the yew domes (getting enormous) and the par terre.     Also I remind myself that I do not have to put things in every corner, it is just too predictable.      The change in feel is huge, and both Polly and I are thrilled with it.     Polly said she had been feeling that way for a year, whereas I had only just noticed it.       

A huge branch has been torn off the little Spindleberry in the paddock.    We saw it just hanging in a very ungainly and miserable way, because of all the rain, and it had grown and grown.     The branches of this tree have always been twisted hugely, so it is not really surprising that it has happened.     Neil had to come and take the branch off with a chain saw, and now you can see the avenue of the Malus Transitoria a lot better.     On Sunday we have our first party, hopefully in the garden, and I look at the weather almost every day.


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