6th July, 2016

In the last two dry days Neil has been cutting down the long grass of the Crocus Lawn, the Botticelli meadow,  and sections of the paddock, with an old fashioned but very effective machine called an Allen Scythe.    Polly has been raking up, quite a job, and then mowing over the top, where it will green up quite quickly.     Now you can see in one sweep the Autumn Border, with its Monardas flowering and the Helenium Sahins early flowerer which is in bud.       There are three huge mounds of Miscanthus Yakushima Dwarf.      It is not dwarf at all, but vast in my good soil  down there.      

The kniphofias are all flowering, the best in my opinion is Thomsonii var Thomsonii.    It is so delicate and dies  well, it’s flowers coming singly off the stem.     It is a shade tender, and should be put in a well drained spot.     We have not lost it in several years.   Yesterday we had a charming French photographer  to the garden called Philippe Ferret who seemed to know most of my plants which is always fun.       I am afraid the sun hardly came out for him.        The Achilleas are so beautiful and such lovely colours, we have to have them even if they don’t come through the winter.      I love the way they are flat and how they open out.      All the hemerocallis seem to have got the gall midge quite badly this year which is annoying, and I am beginning to prefer the more delicate looking ones, for example Corky which I have put on the blog.     All my Calamagrostis are flowering and look lovely swaying in the wind.      Miscanthus Morning Light is looking good, and is one of my favourites.    The dahlias are still a worry.      I have to be like Sibylle told me to be, and concentrate on the plants that are doing well, of which there are quite a lot.      Polly and I are going to see her garden next week which I am looking forward to.


2 thoughts on “6th July, 2016

  1. so nice to have news from Pettifers (I visited your garden with the French group you had been so enthousistic of, so nice of you !) ! I know Philippe Ferret, he is a great plantsman, has been head gardener of a French magazine (l’Ami des Jardins) garden some years ago, when garden magazines had money and would spend it on maintaining big gardens , happy days gone by …. I wish you the best possible summer for your garden, and wait to enjoy more photos !

    • I enjoyed your comment a lot, and remember your group well. It is so nice when we get people who are appreciative. I will try and take some more good photos, we need a little sun! Love Gina

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