Corfu, 29th August, 2016.

The first two weeks here were a bit like a chapter out of ‘My family and other Animals’.    James came to see us all on the terrace proudly carrying quite a large tortoise, which was apparently female judging by the markings on the shell.      Tortoises are meant to be slow but this one when we put it down scuttled along at quite a speed, it’s funny scaly little legs back and front, and it’s reptilian like head poking out.     We tried to give it chopped parsley but it was not interested so in the end we put it back in the olive groves from whence it had emerged.       We have never had one in the house before, though I remember that Agathis had several baby ones a few years ago.      

We have had two neutered Tom cats for several years, now a pretty little white female cat has joined them, and they are furious.       It is a feisty little thing and goes in tiny hiding places and holds her ground.     There is a perpetual noise like the rumbling of thunder which is our  male cats showing their disapproval, and occasionally there is a ghastly cat fight.     KITTY runs for cover to a small hiding place which the other two cannot get into.    All of us love her, though I think she should go as she is causing nothing but trouble.

The wi fi is so feeble here that I cannot put any photographs on the blog, though when I get home I will remedy this.      It is very hot here still,  but certain things are still holding their own.      Arbutus unedo is one of the best, the strawberry tree.      We went to Acharavi yesterday to get two strong blue bins to protect the rubbish under the staircase from rats.   Why we have not done this before goodness know.     The green figs are finally coming in to season, they are much nicer than the black ones, sweeter with a better flavour.


3 thoughts on “Corfu, 29th August, 2016.

  1. What a shame the children didn’t meet the tortoise! Maybe on second thoughts, it is just as well! Looking forward to pictures of the garden in due course.

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