Corfu, 7th September, 2016

We have just had a huge storm, when the heavens opened and the sky was lit up for a large part of the night with electric patterns.      As a result we woke up to find the electricity cut off  and it has only just been reconnected twenty four hours later.        We had a rather strange dinner by candlelight, and found ourselves eating melted Mars Bar ice creams.      We lit a fire using our huge stack of olive wood, and found that it illuminated the drawing room pretty well.     Thomas, Anya and Nicholas arrived the day before yesterday, and brought us as a present a very pretty Albanian rug bought from a village in the middle of Albania where they had been staying.       We still seem to live from one cat fight to another, which apart from the hideous noise is the only thing we have to worry about!

Having been out here for more than three weeks I have finally thought out the oil tank border, which is a rather hideous little border that you come to as soon as you go through the big blue gates to approach the garden, and is on the right.      In a way it is important as it is the first thing you see, and I want it to be good instead of something that you just hustle past.      I have ordered a David Austin rose called Desdemona, and a Miscanthus named Cosmopolitan.        In the middle of the border it already has a Clematis called Blue River that I saw in France, which needs a larger wrought iron support.      Another border clematis is there called Arabella.      Most of the David Austin roses continuously flower, and Desdemona  was rose of the year about 3 years ago.        The main excitement today was that the sculpture was delivered and four strong men had to heave it into place on the terrace outside our bedroom.     I think it looks quite wonderful, and Elpida approves who is the arbiter of taste.        Since all the rain various plants seem to have sprung into life, particularly the Arbutus Unedo in the driveway.       When I get back to England I will put pictures on the blog of  all the things I am talking about.        This month seems to be one of the best times we have had here, the grandchildren love the boat.


2 thoughts on “Corfu, 7th September, 2016

  1. It all sounds so exciting and lovely, Even the electric storm! Desdemona will be a triumph I am sure. The Boatman is doing such a grand job with the little people.

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