Back from CORFU, 18th September, 2016

Polly has worked so hard whilst I have been away there seems to me nothing to do except a small amount of cutting back to expose good things which are covered up.    The light is much softer and the berries this year in the garden are phenomenal.     In particular Sorbus Vilmorinii and Crateagus Laciniata which looks as if it has stepped straight out of a Klimt painting.     Some of the dahlias are a success this year, and some are not.      It is really difficult to choose good ones by just looking on line, you really need to see them.     Jescot Julie still remains my favourite.     On Tuesday we have another photographic workshop for Clive Nichols that I am looking forward to, and two of my friends are coming, Anna Buxton, and Diana Berry.     It is more fun for me when I have people that I know.       We have someone coming who has a large blog in the States, who is going to write it up.     In the autumn border I can’t make up my mind if I like Coreopsis Tripteris, as it is quite a harsh yellow.       I quite fancy Helianthus Sheila’s Sunshine as it is very tall and waves all over the place, also being a much softer colour.   Sorbus Joseph Rock is looking pretty amazing.     In the par terre there is too much bare earth which is because early on the dahlias never got away, or were munched by slugs.       There is always some hidden catastrophe!    

It is so lovely to be back with my two dogs, they would never bite me hard like the cats did. I wonder if the little white kitten is managing to hang on to her place at Prosilio.     Autumn  is so lovely as the flowers seem to hang on for a long time, due to cooler temperatures and moisture in the morning.     For the first time in ages I am feeling inspired to do something new in Corfu when we go back for a week mid October.      I have e mailed Giannis about it but not had a reply yet.        It really looks beautiful here,  particularly down the bottom of the garden.


2 thoughts on “Back from CORFU, 18th September, 2016

  1. I love your posts and your blog and your beautiful photographs and like basking in your lovely successes in the garden. it’s like going on a tour or a holiday without having to do the work, or queue at the airport. of course it’s not comparable as one does not see them, but oddly it feeds the brain and the senses in a strange way. You give a lot of pleasure and share generously in the information as most gardeners do. Love Nadine >

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