Changing the planting in the Autumn border, September 2016

Polly has gone on holiday for two weeks so I had to enlist James’s help to dig out a Sanguisorba as I know it is a job that is beyond me.     Thinking about Sanguisorbas I feel that sometimes they are a plant that have a lot of foliage compared to their flowers.   Also if you move them they don’t always take, particularly if you are moving a large plant.     Then about two years later this becomes obvious.        Near the gate that goes into the paddock I have planted about five Rudbeckia fulgida var. deamii which has an AGM.      Where we have got Panicum Heavy Metal  I have drifted back three Helianthus ‘ Gullicks variety’ which also has an AGM.      I am about to plant five Vernonia fasciculata which is a brilliant purple.      They have a rather good foliage and red stems, and are very tall.     The Helianthus are planted near the Eupatorium purpureum subsp. maculatum ‘Riesenschirm’ which having flowered earlier is now a rather dusty colour, so that part of the border needs brightening up.       On the right hand side of the border I have planted a Miscanthus Cosmopolitan which will get huge, and is green and white, and everything looks good against it.

The bottom part of the garden is a blaze of colour, and the picture of the two berries I have put on this blog, is Sorbus Vilmorinii, and Crateagus Laciniata.      The top end of the garden is creams Browns and purples, but still interesting.      The cortaderia var. Pumila, which has a pretty blue foliage, has come back into fashion, and looks good against the yew hedge.      All the dahlias are going strong, and in fact some of them are only just beginning to flower, due to the difficult conditions early on in the season.      If we are lucky there will not be a frost for some time.         We had some charming Italians round the garden yesterday, from all parts of Italy,  and I felt very pleased as one of the ladies told me she found my garden very inspiring.       This was at tea.     It was nice to end the season this way.


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