1st October, 2016

So many people say that there is nothing in their garden to see at this time of year.     I took these photographs this morning before it started to rain.     It is without doubt my favourite time of year, even though I don’t like the darker evenings and the equally dark mornings.  Now is one of the best time of year to make some changes in the garden, particularly as you see the spread of the plants.     You should not divide asters or heleniums, but should wait until the Spring.      We have taken out two new English roses called Graham Thomas, which have been  in for a very long time, and they are being replaced with Burgundy Ice, which is almost the prettiest rose I have ever seen.     We have changed the soil, so hope that the new ones will thrive.     The idea is that they are going to pick up the colour of a new delphinium  called Tiddles, you will never forget that name.     A very strong blue one is being removed, mainly because the eye keeps going to it, which is always a mistake.      My  pale peach rose, ‘Mrs. Oakley Fisher’ in the apricot border, has flowered all summer and is still flowering now.     It has got a bit leggy, but we have let it grow like that.     This amazing rose was first seen by me in Ireland, and grows happily at Sissinghurst.    Malus Hupehensis has more red berries on than I have ever seen.    My neighbour was  busy cutting  branches off these trees earlier on this season, as the berries drop on her tennis court apparently.      She had asked James if she could, and he had forgotten to tell me.

The Betula Ermanii has turned colour, and is the same colour as the two Sorbus Joseph Rocks, it does not last for long,  maybe a week.     When Polly gets back from holiday I want to tackle the Oil Tank border, not a very propitious name!       I have managed to get the plants I need for it, I even made a sketch of it when I was in London which is not something I normally do.      I have also ordered a rusty metal pyramid from Leanders, quite expensive, but I need it as Clematis Blue River is getting too tall for its stakes.      This should be arriving any second.    I think it will give some structure to this small border.

I could not resist ordering some more tulips from Sarah Raven, for the border at the front of the house.    The colours were so pretty, she has very good taste.      I love tulip time.


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