Thinking about next year

I have just posted three pictures of the par terre and the Autumn border.    For the second week of October  I feel surprised as to how beautiful it all looks.     Partly because the temperatures have dropped by about ten degrees, and everything is still flowering profusely.     The Aster Harringtons Pink is very beautiful, and is in the Klimt border.    This morning I have been cutting out pictures of the tulips I have ordered and have been sticking them in a big green book for Polly and saying where they are going to go.    I have ordered some amazing ones this year, and it remains to be seen what we think of them when they are up and flowering.     How exciting tulip time is,  I would not be without it for the world.    I am looking forward to Polly getting back, as she has been on holiday for two weeks.     What she has been up to does not sound much like a holiday to me!        Next year we are going to have a mixture of Barcelona and Cairo in the par terre.     Deep pink and orange, ordered from Peter Nyssen, 700 altogether, and hopefully going to flower at the same time.    I think those colours will look very special together, and remind me of India.

When she gets back we are going to tackle the Oil Tank border together,  as I have got hold of the plants I need for that, not the Rose, DESDEMONA,yet.     Harriet of “Helping Harriet” came over on Friday and fell in love with Kniphofia Rooperi.    I am not surprised, it looks amazing at the moment.     Needless to say she wants it in her garden.         In `a weeks time we are going to Corfu for a week, and finally I have some ideas of what we are going to do there.


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