A week spent at Prosilio, Corfu

The last month has done nothing but rain, and it really shows.     Everything is so green.   Things  that looked dead have come back,  and all the prostrate Rosemary is very luxuriant.     We went up  the mountain of Pantocrator to Old Perithia, and scattered everywhere were tiny little white crocuses called Crocus Boryi.      Very high up there WA s a shepherd with his flock of sheep, and a few sternberghia were on the lower slopes.     There were not half as many as when we first saw them.       There seems to be absolutely nobody here, though Nicos of Gallinis, says tourism has been 60% up,  probably taken from Turkey.      We have had beautiful sunshine every day, and rain at night.    James has been working very hard outside cutting off all the Kermes oak which has seeded everywhere.    It has covered huge boulders and little stone walls.        We are hoping to start rebuilding the stone walls, and in the winter to get Jiannis to cut the dead wood out of the ancient olive trees.        Then we are going to strim the land  not once but twice a year, and see what that looks like.       Considering this is five acres of land I do not think Jiannis does at all badly looking after it.     

At this time of year we seem to have the twittering of a lot of songbirds, that I do not remember in the summer, and driving at night managed to avoid going over several huge toads.       Just below us on our left hand side a flock of sheep have appeared to graze the ground, and they all have tinkling bells round their necks.      We have more cyclamen than you could believe all up the left hand side.     They love the crevices of the rocks.     The strawberry tree, Arbutus Unedo, is flowering and fruiting, and in the past peasants made a drink of the strawberry like fruit.       We have planted three Agave Americana down overlooking the pool house.       Up by the cottage has gone in three Cortaderia Selloana ‘Rosea’, all these will get huge, but they are in scale with the landscape.

I have plenty of photographs to illustrate what I am talking about, but the wi fi here is not up to it so I will do it when I get back to England.


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