The replanting of the Burgundy border, 26th October, 2016

This time of year you evaluate your borders, and once again there is a groan when I look at the Burgundy border.     It has always been a problem child, but now that the overhanging ash is down it really does not have so many excuses.      I have high aspirations for all my borders, but this is a small one, and an important one as it leads directly across to the par terre.,    It is like a half moon but has two straight sides, and finally I have fallen out of love with Miscanthus Cabaret.    It has been in a long time and is huge, ungainly and awkward looking.           The border’s crescendo  is in the beginning of June, when it is flowering with Allium Globemaster, the longest allium to flower and it even dies well.    A pot containing three alliums quickly became 30, which gives you some idea of the problems we have in this bed.    It is also full of camassias which drive Polly to distraction.      It has Valerian Pyrenacium, which is a tall froth of pink and seeds mildly.     There are plenty of Asters and  Phyllyrea Latifolia in a corner, which is finally on the way to getting large.        The mistake I have made is too many bulbs and too many different plants all round.

I have just got back from taking the dogs to the hairdressers, Peters Posh Pets, and while they were there I went to Wisley and was pleased with what I bought.     Three Miscanthus Morning Light, no wonder I like grasses, these are  going to look pretty and fresh for at least 6 months, and three Veronicastrum  Virginicum. Fascination, which I do not have, and have a good shape and colour well into the Autumn..      We are going  to take out three Sanguisorbas, too much leaf in ratio to the flower.       This border is absolutely full of Agapanthus Windsor Grey which do not seem to mind being smothered early on.     Amazing.       The star of this border is the liquorice plant, Glycyrrhiza Yunnansis.    In the middle is a large Euphorbia Cornigera, and also a Skimmia Confusa Kew Green.       When this is planted up I will put a photograph or two on the blog.


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