Five days before Christmas, 2016

The garden is laid bare in its Winter dress,  supported by evergreen structure, shrubs, bare outlines of trees and Ivy.      Four snowdrops have appeared in one of the circles in the paddock.     Some of our evergreen shrubs are getting too big, the Sarcoccoca in the parterre  ,the Itea Illicifolia is coming in our bedroom window, Daphne tangutica has been huge for quite some time, most people cannot believe what it is.      Daphne Eternal Fragrance, described as a small shrub is not taking after its description.        The yew domes at the end of the lawn are taking off, I want them to.        My new Phillyrea Latifolia is taking shape well, echoing the large one which lies below it.      The Hellebores are giving signs of life,  even our three new ones, white, called Purity, which are in the oil tank border which has been turned upside down.       All the tulips have now been planted, and today was a beautiful Winters day, blue blue sky,  I am afraid that you do not get many of these now.    Every year this garden gets better in Winter, with more atmosphere, and what a difference Polly’s good clipping makes.

Today at 8 o’clock in the morning the greenhouse arrived.       The long van just managed to get down to our garage and do a three point turn.     It is now 3.30 and it is nearly finished.   There is one bit of the gutter that will have to be redone.     It has transformed what was an ugly little corner, and I am thrilled with it.


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