9th January, 2017

The garden at the moment is completely reliant on its evergreen structure, and rectangular squares of grass and earth in the par terre.      Finally several patches of snowdrops have appeared,  all having increased hugely from last year,  particularly where me or Polly have divided them.    The Hellebore flowers are starting to emerge, and you can see which colours they are, and several bright yellow Aconites heralding the start of Spring.     Everything is going to be checked soon as snow is forecast for the weekend.    The Yew is coming into its own now, the three huge trees, Yew hedge on the main lawn,  and yew hedges to the right and left when you go down the steps.      We have plenty of domes, Yew, Phillyrea angustifolia, and Phillyrea latifolia.    There are several Buxus elegantissima, given  to me as tiny plants by Michael Heseltine.   Sarcoccoca looks beautiful at this time of year, both because of its shiny leaf and its delightful smell.     Itea illicifolia, holly, Bupleurum fruticosum, and several ferns, and Epimediums acting as a low hedge in a couple of small borders.       Polly has not finished cutting down yet, the weather has held us back, and I am not much help to her at the moment.      In the Winter I am a fair weather Gardener.

I have decided I want to try and get hold of Prostranthera Cuneata, mainly because it is evergreen and the leaf has the most delightful smell when you touch it.     Goodness Florence was inspiring, everything beautiful, no cars, blue and gold everywhere.     No wonder we call the area above the Autumn border, the Botticelli meadow in the Spring.   We have some amazing photographs by Clive.on the website which he took last year.       There are hundreds of snake head fritillaries,  narcissus, crocus and anemone blanda.     The Botticelli photograph of The Primavera that I put on before this reminds me of that time of year.


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