A Winter beauty all of its own

I have been walking round this morning trying not to tread on the grass, which I don’t think is going to unfreeze all day.      The sky is blue, and there is beginning to be more light on the main lawn, not forgetting that we are a north facing garden.    Aconites are beginning to show themselves more and more as the days go by, and plenty of my snowdrops are coming above ground, and one is very grateful to both these plants as they are the herald of Spring.     My Cornus Mas is budding up which is exciting, and plenty of the hellebores are starting into life.    I don’t want them to come up too far as they only lie down in this cold weather which I find distressing.     Everyone should grow hellebores as they flower for three months which is treble the length of most other flowers.       We should all be buying Tim Richardson’s latest book because it is so entertaining and well written, and you can just dip into it as it is a series of articles that he has written.    I found myself laughing out loud about three times.

I am pretty relieved that we have not had snow yet and I hope we are not going to.     My car is pretty hopeless in it as is James.    There is a dreadful little dip which takes you with a rush and a skid onto the main road, hateful.      Walking round the garden now it is the structure that you are grateful for, and in the last five years we have put in quite a lot more. Yew is surprisingly quick, as is Phillyrea.       Really everyone should grow Phillyrea and so many people have never heard of it.      Clive Nichols has got the most beautiful pictures of my garden in Spring last year on his website.      If I am feeling flat because of our winter I am just going to turn and look at them.


One thought on “A Winter beauty all of its own

  1. So lovely to see your garden. The very first shit you posted I thought, without my glasses, that there were three sheep in your garden. On closer inspection they are in face three gilded balls on a plant support!

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