Winter thoughts 1917

Walking round the garden with Polly this morning three thoughts went tumbling through my mind.     Structure, atmosphere, and most important the ability to change your mind.

As mine is a small garden, 1 and a half acres,  all of it must be used and pull its weight, particularly in the Winter.    You see something newly planted, doing very well, even in this cold dank weather, and think I  must have more of this.     In the summer your eyes skim over the evergreen things, and are attracted by the bright colours of flowers, and combinations.    But oh in the Winter how grateful you are for anything that is green and above ground.     It is not long now until the crocus lawn at the bottom of the steps will become a blaze of soft colours.       My best colour combination at the moment is Acorus gramineus ogon (gold colour) with a large Bupleurum Fruticosum in the middle of it, which needs two foot taking off the top of it.       Scattered around it are Hellebores and some special snowdrops.     Why does not everyone take to planting snowdrops?   I am not saying you have to go for the very expensive ones, but they are so accommodating.     Polly gave me 3 pots of snowdrop, Greatorex double Jacquinetta.      Five years later I have about two hundred and only divided them once.        You might laugh at me for counting them, but what a sense of satisfaction they give one.    Apart from in the two circles in the paddock I have planted them in borders near the house where I can see them.

We have just ordered some Leander metal supports for our peonies.    I don’t believe in staking things on the whole, except delphiniums, but our larger ones fell about and we were worried the stems would break.    We staked them with with canes and twine but it did not look very good, so we are starting off with three medium sized ones.       Why do we nearly always seem to order things when it is raining!


3 thoughts on “Winter thoughts 1917

  1. So delighted to hear that G. ‘Jacquenetta’ is doing so well as I bought her last year and it was one bulb with two tiny offsets. I now have four flowers so she is on her way! Others that have bulked up quickly for me have been G. ‘Dionysus’ andG. ‘Lady Beatrice Stanley’ who spreads amazingly quickly. Just going out there to see if any others have opened up on this grey, dank day!
    Thank you for the news.

    • Do you mean next week or this week? Would love to see you, how is your treatment going, and bring

      Me a copy of your telegraph article. Lotsof love Ginax Sent from my iPad


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