4th February, 2017, a Spring day

Today was like a Spring day, and I was working along the narrow border at the front of the house.     Last year unfortunately the white wisteria turned up its toes and died.    This covered the whole of the front of the house so it now looks very bare.    James was more upset than I was as he was the person who had looked after it all this time.       Wisterias take quite a lot of looking after, which is why I don’t plant one in Corfu.    We still have the cheerful blue and gold sundial to look at, and have ordered a new, and hopefully prettier wisteria to go in its place which is blue and white, coming from Bluebell nursery.   It is called Wisteria Brachyboytrys Okayama.     We have got two coming, so hopefully we will not have to wait too long for results.     It is a difficult position to cope with the front of the house, as the border running along it is only about six foot wide.    Basically it has to have quite a few fairly structural things that you can look at all the time.          We have three Taxus Baccata domes, one either side of the front door, and one at the far right hand side.    There are five Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light, and Allium Mount Everest to flower at the same time as Magnolia Royal Star.      It also has three Euphorbia Jacquemonti, one of the best.  To my mind the smaller or narrower a border is the more difficult, and this is my only south facing wall.

There is a border at the far end of the left hand.side which is filled with about 5 Rosa Mutabalis, which have the advantage of continuously flowering all summer.        Underneath is Aster Pink Buttons, which I found at a plant fair in France, and is probably my best Aster.     On to the village street is a tall hedge of undulating Fagus Sylvatica, green,  which is pretty but needs taking down a bit.      This summer. I am not going to hustle people past this area, as I think it is worth looking at!



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