Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2017

Alan Waterhouse, our molecatcher, came early this morning, and has caught 4 moles.   He liked our new glasshouse, and said he loved the colour.      I do too, in fact it lifts my spirits every time I look at it.     Today is a real Spring day, and lots of our crocuses are opening out on the crocus lawn.      They are seeding all over the place and this time I am going to leave them wherever they land.       Some of the narcissus which are coming up are in bud which is exciting.

All of our Sarcoccoccas are flowering, and when you pass them there is a drift of wonderful scent, though James has no sense of smell so he cannot enjoy that.       Skimmia Kew Green is at it’s best, and the two ones on the right hand side have got huge,  and will have to be taken back.      The new one on the left has done pretty well too.        Cornus Mas is about to burst into flower, and is a pretty shape.     We have so many hellebores, which you hardly notice when we are in the middle of the summer.        There are  quite a few Elizabeth Strangman ones, and the rest are Ashwood.     I think I prefer the former, they are not so big.        Polly is at work on the main border, which is the last one to do.    We have finished doing the compost heap border, leaving in it a large holly, and have taken the top off to make it bush more.        This year we are dividing quite a lot of asters, which you have to wait to the Spring to do.     It is a relief that last year we took out a lot of alliums, so we have not got that job in front of us.       Every year you look forward to so much, because you hope that the changes you make  are going to make it all much better!         I am longing to see the new crocuses and narcissus that we planted last year,  narcissus Copper Queen, and Crocus tricolor.



One thought on “Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2017

  1. Sounds lovely! We have snowdrops poking up and some warm weather on the way, so
    may be the Crocus tomms will join them soon. Though they may also take another month. Very hard to guess here! I love C. tricolor in our circle lawn, usually starting as the tommies finish up. Happy spring to you!

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