8th March, getting ahead in Spring

Spring can turn into the most huge rush unless you get well ahead now.      The main lawn and the paddock have both been mown, and Polly thinks the right hand bank is falling down.    Holes are appearing in it, and I must say it does look slightly alarming particularly compared to the left hand side.      Both sides are on the steep side, and one gardener we had mowed his toe off which was a huge drama.    My friend and neighbour, Liz Holbeach, has given us permission to hide her air conditioning units, which are simply hideous and we look at them all the time when we are at the bottom of the garden.    I had been dreading asking her for ages, but she could not have been sweeter, and said yes immediately.     

A lot of division and moving of Asters is going on, as now is the time to do it.     We went to Avondale nursery on Monday morning, which is near Coventry airport.    I thought I would get next to nothing, and came away with a huge amount of interesting plants.   I say a huge amount, but they get swallowed up in my garden pretty quickly.     I have got quite a few of unusual Camassias which were quite expensive, all to go in my Peonie circle in the paddock.    This nursery has got three national collections, Sanguisorbas is one of them, and  Anemone nemerosa.   I found Miscanthus sinensis Yakushima Dwarf for my friend Harriet Baring.    She is putting pressure on us to get a move on with her second border, which has a lot of gaps at the moment.      I am giving her Staphylea Colchica which she will love, and no one else has it hardly.     We rooted one of the offsets of our plant.    It has been growing on at the bottom of our garden.      This plant flowers very early and never seems to get frosted, and when I looked it up it said it was a tree rather than a shrub.   Harriet always loves it when I say no one has it!       Polly has been dividing hemerocallis as well, some of them easier than others.      I am keen for both Harriet and I to have Persicaria Alpina, it has changed its name from Polymorpha.     I get fed up with the name changes, because I don’t remember them all.    Brian of Avondale said this plant smelt dank when you passed it.    It cant be worse than Sorbuses.


One thought on “8th March, getting ahead in Spring

  1. Lovely interesting article. Now I want Staphylea colchica which I have never even heard of ’till this moment! Shall have to research it! Thank you again for all the lovely insights into plants and design.

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