The hundreds of shades of green

Looking out of the kitchen window,  I am looking at the garden in shades of yellow, blue, and most important green.     So many different colours of green, that I don’t think you could describe them all.      Glowing amongst this backdrop of green are yellow, blue, and the hellebores in their various shades.      I have a best girl friend who once ordered 100 primroses to be delivered.     That made me laugh as they seed everywhere in my garden,  and in fact we weed them out, but their freshness and soft yellow seems to embody Spring.   The longer you garden the more you appreciate green, and notice the freshness of it, which is particularly obvious early on,  when you notice raindrops sparkling on the leaves.

Polly and I go round the garden together really noticing any little shoot which is pushing its way up.    So often do you plant something and then discover a plant which shows just when you thought that nothing was there.     When I say blue, it is the large patches of anemone blanda, and the pulmonarias and scillas.     One of reasons that I love Anemone Blanda is that it dies well, which is more than you can say for the majority of bulbs.     Some of the tulips are showing their buds, which I don’t really want as I would like them to flower for Clive’s photographic workshop that is Tuesday, May 16th.    You cannot time things in your garden as you are totally reliant on the weather.        The Epimediums are all flowering at the moment, and they are such a graceful flower,  swaying in the wind, and the ones I have  are soft yellow and pale orange.       You have to remember to cut the leaves off before they start to flower.     They have very thick matted roots, which are weed deterrent, and make a good edging plant, which is how I use them.     

We went to see Harriet today in the morning (of ‘Helping Harriet’) and everything was growing well.    We are going to give her two plants of Staphylea Colchica, originally from Victoria Wakefield, and put canes where we thought she should plant them.     She has such a pretty house and garden, and it is all coming on fast.     I am frightened that I really bully her, but luckily she seems to laugh it off!


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