March 24th, 2017

Today is my birthday, and I am not telling you what it is!      Sibylle gave me this beautiful plant last year, which goes by the name of Olsynium douglasii.     Needless to say I had never seen or heard of it before,   and it is a fibrous rooted clump forming perennial, native to western North America.     I am going to guess that we can divide it after flowering, and it is doing well in my soil in circle number two.    It likes partial shade, but as we are a north facing garden it is getting that.    She also gave me several snowdrops of Galanthus Godfrey Owen, which have definitely doubled or trebled and I have divided them.      They are an elwesii seedling, with six outer and six inner petals.     They flower mid season, and are in the same circle so I can keep an eye on them.      When you look them up on line they are £20 each!     Also a gift was white primrose Ghira, and now I have so many of them and they seem to flower for a very long time.      When Bob Brown came to my garden which was at least two years ago, he told me that I did not need the two circles in the paddock.       He is quite wrong, they give me and Polly so much pleasure from about February onwards, and it is a reason to walk down to the paddock, not just looking at our Magnolias who are in their infancy.      I have just got carried away and ordered two more, Star Wars, and Athene.      As a result we are going to move the bonfire over to the other side, because it only really gets used once a year and it will free up some space.     This was Polly’s good idea.

We are planning to take Hedera Glacier off the wall backing on to the spring border and behind Cotinus Grace.     I am finally disenchanted with it,  as it is very high maintenance, and at the back of the wall we can put two more Chaenomeles speciosa Nivalis, and Nicoline which is is already there, will stay.    I wonder if you have done it, as it is a horrible job taking ivy off a wall, tough on your shoulders,  and a nasty amount of dust blows into your eyes.     In fact you should wear glasses.     Still it will look so different, I am longing to get on with it.


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