Inspiration from different sources, 6th April 2017

 Last sunday my friend Susie and I spent a couple of hours being taken round the second house of the Sitwells, which is called Weston Hall, and is in Northamptonshire only a fifteen minute drive from me.      Famous and interesting people used to stay there, amongst them Evelyn Waugh, Patrick Leigh Fermour, Cecil Beaton, Noel Coward,  and Dame Edith Sitwell. 
What really inspired me were two pools of Anemone Nemorosa, one white and one blue, like two lakes in different places.     They must be really old as Anemone Nemerosa is very slow to increase by tubers underground, and does not seed in the way that Anemone Blanda does.     I am now trying to create a similar idea in the paddock on the edge of the first two Malus Transitoria on the right.    We have planted three colours, blue, pink and white, all in separate pieces.   In the autumn we will plant a lot more corms in the same place.   I hope I will not be too old to see this come to fruition.     I must take a photo or write down the colour sequence.      The blue one we have planted is called Robinsoniana, which is named after William Robinson of Gravetye Manor.

James rang up from Hong Kong yesterday and said he hoped he had not missed Spring at Pettifers.   He certainly has not as new plants open every day.     The tulips are going to be flowering before we go to Corfu which is at the end of next week.    This year we really are going to have some amazing ones, and the mixture in the par terre is Cairo and Barcelona.   This is going to be Indian in feel, shocking pink and orange.       So far this is a dry Spring and I feel we need some rain, even if it brings weeds.     I am longing to show James the garden as there has been such a change since he left.     


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