29th April, 2017

The Malus Transitoria have now been in for two decades.     When going round Michael Heseltine’s garden, no mean feat, usually three hours, the Malus Transitoria was the most beautiful tree in his garden, and I came home wondering how I could best use it.     We grandly called it the avenue from the word go, and of course. now it is.     I think it looks prettier in tight bud, rather than fully opened out, when it is like a snowstorm.      Polly lifted the crown of them all last year, as I like to see the sunlit shadows underneath.

In two weeks time we have our first photographic workshop with Clive Nichols, which I rather look forward to as it is different to what we normally are up to.     We still have some spaces and it is on Tuesday, 16th May, followed by the Friends of the Garden History Museum the next day.       In a way I quite like it that it has got colder, as I dont want everything coming in a huge rush.    Now is the flowering time for several Euphorbias, and I love the acid yellow colour in the garden.      Valerian is a pest, we have got rid of it on the little walls near the house, and it has settled itself happily in about a dozen places on the retaining wall on the left hand side underneath the large yew.      How it manages to grow in virtually no soil I do not know.       The blue brunnera is equally annoying.     It is one of the main reasons that I do not like Alchemilla Mollis.    Poor Harriet wants it and I do not let her have it.     

Down in the par terre we have decided to take out the Daphne Tangutica, as it has outgrown its space, and Daphnes do not like being cut hard back.    You cannot get down the two paths next to it and it is looking an ungainly shape.      The two Skimmia Kew Greens will benefit from about two foot off all round.      Still I really appreciate them in the Winter.     The Peony bed in the paddock is about to burst, and everything has doubled in size from last year.      Perhaps they will hang on until Clive’s workshop.    I hope so.


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