9th May, 2017

We are busy at the moment, as it is only a week to go until Clive’s photographic workshop, followed by the next day a group from the Friends of the Garden History Society.     At the moment we are deadheading daffodils, pulling away dead foliage, planting, and holding our breath as it has not rained for ages.       I do not like dry Springs as you have to keep your eyes open as to what you should be watering.      Polly has been on holiday for a week, and luckily I have not made any bad blunders while she has been away.     I was nervous as to what I was getting up to in the greenhouse,  but she said everything was alright.      Sometimes I think that a lot of gardening is just common sense.     I am pretty thrilled with my intersectional peonies, they are huge with masses of buds on, and the foliage is so pretty.      They are expensive, but I think they are worth it.     I first heard of them when they were talked about on television.       Polly went to Derry Watkins nursery on her holiday and came back with a lot of good plants which we had wanted but had been unable to find.      While she was away we took out a huge Daphne Tangutica in the par terre which had completely outgrown its space and looked ungainly.      Neil took it out using a chain saw.      

We are finally getting it together in the front border.    We are repeating things and waiting for our new Wisteria to arrive, which has been ordered from Bluebell Nursery.      Our one just died for no reason last year, and it all looks very bare at the front of the house now.     At this moment we look at our borders and try to decide what tulips are going to go in next year.     It is a better way than making impulse buys at Chelsea which is what I used to do and then I could not think where they were going to go.    Polly is tidying up in the circles in the paddock, and our Paeonie bed down there is looking amazing.     They are all simply huge, and I get excited just looking at them.


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